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Black Maine coon Cat | Intelligence & Trainability

    black maine coon cat

    Black Maine coon Cat | Intelligence & Trainability

    The Black Maine Coon cat is known to be a highly intelligent cat and one that learns things extremely quickly. Being high energy cats they enjoy playing interactive games like fetch and like being taken out for walks on a lead much like their canine counterparts. They need to be kept busy to be truly happy although like other breeds the Maine Coon likes to spend a lot of his day cat napping in the strangest of places which many people think could be a trait that goes way back to when they were kept as farm cats.  (Zeecontainer , Oxycodon kopen, Oxycodon kaufen  Shipping containers for sale )

    Children and other

    Maine Coons with their outgoing affectionate and gentle personalities are the perfect choice for families with children and this includes toddlers. However care has to be taken when very young children are around cats and any interaction should always be well supervised to make sure things stay nice and calm. Children need to be taught how to behave around cats and when to leave them alone.

    They also get on well with dogs especially if they have grown up together. However care has to be taken when introducing a Maine Coon to dogs they don’t already know just in case the dog does not get on with their feline counterparts. They are incredibly social by nature and have been known to get on with smaller pets too. However it’s always wiser to keep a close eye on any cat when they are around smaller pets just in case.

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