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Maine Coon Price

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    Maine Coon Price

    If you are looking to buy a Maine Coon price you would need to pay anything from $1000 to over $1200 for a well-bred pedigree kitten. The cost of insuring a male 3-year-old Maine Coon in northern England would be $15.59 a month for basic cover but for a lifetime policy this would set you back $29.34 a month (quote as of Sept 2016). When insurance companies calculate a pet’s premium they factor in several things which includes where you live in the UK a cat’s age and whether or not they have been neutered or spayed among other things.

    When it comes to food costs you need to buy the best quality food whether wet or dry making sure it suits the different stages of a cat’s life. This would set you back between $15 – $20 a month. On top of all of this you need to factor in veterinary costs if you want to share your home with a Maine Coon and this includes their initial vaccinations their annual boosters the cost of neutering or spaying a cat when the time is right and their yearly health checks all of which quickly adds up to over $600 a year.   (Zeecontainer , Oxycodon kopen, Oxycodon kaufen  Shipping containers for sale )

    As a rough guide the average cost to keep and care for a Maine Coon would be between $30 to $50 a month depending on the level of insurance cover you opt to buy for your cat but this does not include the initial cost of buying a well-bred kitten. maine coon cats, Maine Coon Kittens For Sale Near Me, Maine Coon Kittens For Sale, Kitten Supplement, Maine Coon Kittens


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