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White Maine Coon Grooming Tips

    White Maine Coon

    White Maine Coon Grooming Tips

    White Maine Coon cats need to be groomed! Their long hair can easily become matted, so it is imperative that there are daily (or at least weekly) grooming sessions. Of course, cats typically do not like to be groomed, and Maine Coons are no different but they can actually find it enjoyable if you get them used to it.

    There are certain steps you can take to insure that grooming time is pleasurable for both you and your cat!

    Start Young

    Getting your cat used to being groomed when they are young will help them to deal with grooming. They usually do not mind being brushed around the head or back, but they do mind being brushed around the hind quarters and the belly.  If you get them started young they will easily become accustomed to it.

    Use A Soft Bristle Brush

    A daily brushing with a soft bristle brush is the best way to brush your cat. Hard bristles can scratch the cat’s skin which will be a bad memory for the cat and make future grooming sessions more difficult. A soft bristle brush that is used regularly will keep the matted hair at bay and avoid causing any harm to the sensitive skin underneath. (Zeecontainer , Oxycodon kopen, Oxycodon kaufen  Shipping containers for sale )

    Be Consistent

    One of the best tips when it comes to grooming your White Maine Coon is to be consistent. If you groom often the hair will not have an opportunity to mat up in the first place. It will also become a part of the cat’s normal routine.

    Clipping The Hair

    The fur on the paws can become long and bothersome to the cat.  To help them keep the length down so they don’t chew at themselves and wind up with hairballs you can clip the hair with scissors.  Sometimes a mat forms and it is very difficult to get it, so out you may need to cut it out. Take a fine tooth comb and hold it between the skin and the mat so you do not snip the skin and just cut the mat out.


    It may seem a little strange to bathe your cat, but White Maine Coons have so much fur that bathing can really help them out. They are very laid back and can be trained to tolerate the water.  You can also purchase kitty wipes and give them a little once over.

    Claw Clipping

    You can clip your cat’s claws with a special cat claw clipper that is sold at most pet supply stores. If you are uncomfortable doing this then your vet can either do it for you or recommend someone that can.

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